H o l i s t i c  R e c o v e r y  C o a c h i n g

•  Continue the process of self discovery & healing  •  Learn self-care, healthy eating & mind-body connection

•  Receive guidance in mindfulness/meditation  •  Develop healthy relationships 

•  Find support for your creativity, work & finances  •  Become empowered to feel whole, complete & authentic



A new life of discovery, change,

growth and freedom evolves step

by step with guidance and support.


Re-entering life after treatment and living without a substance can be confusing, painful and challenging. Each person has a unique background, alcohol and/or drug story, nature and personality. By changing behaviors, a new life evolves: getting to know who you are, developing your interests, learning how to show up for yourself and others, improving relationships, and discovering your best self.

As your recovery coach, I will guide and support you and your family each step of the way in your continuing healing process. Your individual needs will be addressed mindfully through a holistic approach with trust and confidentiality as key elements in our work together.

My process of recovery began in 1981 through a 12-step program and working with a sponsor. Soon after I started practicing yoga and meditation; a perfect dovetail of body, mind and spirit. With willingness, support, time and intention, my journey resulted in creating a whole, fulfilling, purposeful life.

I have worked in the field of recovery for more than three decades teaching yoga/meditation, and have been a certified Holistic Health Counselor and retreat leader since 2003. I trained to become an Interventionist* and Recovery Coach,** as well, in the following years.

I offer a wealth of experience, compassion, strength, and hope in this life-changing endeavor, and I look forward to having an opportunity to share this transformative journey with you.


* 'Arise' family method with Judith Landau

** Recovery Coach (CCAR)

H o l i s t i c  R e c o v e r y  C o a c h i n g    Guidance & support for a healthy body, mind & spirit.