India Retreat "Inner Journey"

Immerse yourself in a new world perspective

Co-led by Deborah Dunn & Dr. Ranjani Cobo

the date of this trip is to-be-determined (TBD)

picture of mountains at indian retreat

Dr. Ranjani Cobo and I invite you to join us on an expansive inner journey through Mother India. 

Come experience this uniquely diverse country and culture, its rich ancient history, deeply-rooted spirituality and open-hearted people as one of a small group of curious, adventurous woman interested in diving inward. You will become intimately connected with each other in our morning circles, with time to reflect on your own personal growth, in the ideal place in which to be immersed in mindfulness-meditation and a daily yoga practice. 

Beginning at Delhi

Our journey will begin with a soft landing in Delhi where we will get our feet on the ground and right into the hustle and bustle of this capital city.

We will then enjoy a two-night stay in a five-star hotel, and begin to connect as a group through yoga and meditation.

Next, we will fly to the northern tip of India, to the state of Himachal Pradesh, and to Dharamsala/McLeodGang in the western Himilayas. This town, overlooking the Kangra Valley, has been home to the Dalai Lama and many exiled Tibetans for nearly 60 years.

During our three day stay we will vist the Dalai Lama’s monastery, and take a hike to the Bhagsu Waterfall, immersing ourselves in nature and the profound beauty of this deeply spiritual place.

From there we will drive through the Himilayas and on to our serene retreat headquarters up a steep hill in Old Manali. 

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indian retreat housing

More about the retreat

Located in the Beas Valley with its glacier-fed streams and gorgeous alpine meadows, we will stay in a lovely traditional guesthouse surrounded by high peaks and hundreds-of-years-old pine forests. Considered one of the gems of Northern India, it is the perfect setting in which to deepen our practice.

It is easy walking distance from the guesthouse to the town and shops of local craft merchants and jewelers, little eateries, and Ayurvedic massage services.
We will do two days of hiking through forest and meadows, gathering around a camp fire in the evenings and staying in platform-based tents, and then return to the guesthouse for one more night

If you are not up for hiking, you can decide to stay back at the camp relaxing and enjoying the solitude of the beautiful countryside.

We will make our way back through Chandigarh, where we will stay overnight and visit the remarkable sculpture garden created by Nek Chand, then travel by train to Delhi.


tents at the indian retreat

Trip Expenses

round-trip USA-India airfare is not included. **


$4,600 if paid in full by November 1st (save $100) 


$1,700 deposit paid at time of registration

plus two payments of $1,500 (DATE IS TBD)

*Accommodations include double rooms.

Single rooms are available upon request for an additional fee.

**Approximate cost of roun-trip Newark (NJ) – Delhi airfare on United Airlines is $1,200


Two Special Excursions:

Add a few days to your trip, and we will arrange 

a visit to the spectacular Taj Mahal (TBD) 

and/or Jaipur, India’s “Pink City” (TBD).

Cancellation / Refund policy:
Reservations cancelled prior t (TBD) are fully refundable minus a $200 processing fee.
Refunds will not be granted after (TBD)


About Dr. Ranjani

Dr. Ranjani Cobo is a yogi, physician, student of Chinese Medicine, and zen practitioner. She spent several decades studying and apprenticing in India under the guidance of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar, Sri Desikachar, and Indra Devi, and beside Mother Teresa in the streets of Calcutta. She has synthesized her experiences to bring to the yoga community a very rare blend of the Iynegar and Ashtanga traditions. She integrates the practice of yoga with a deep understanding of our connection to the Earth, our diet, and our relationships. Her life long commitment comes through very clearly in the creative and enthusiastic spirit of her personal practice and teaching. Her workshops have been well received in over 20 countries including Latin America, Europe, India, and the U.S

Among many modalities of the healing arts, Ranjani is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and also has extended knowledge of Oriental and Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Cobo is studied with Swami Bua and Dharma Mittra while attending Columbia University in New York City, and she attended many years of sessions, during her monastic life at Dai Bosatsu Zendo-NY- with Eido Shimano Roshi & Sangha.